Raid on Boulogne

Raid on Boulogne 1804, E.D. Lewis
Plan and key. The Attack on Boulogne, Oct 1804,
Watercolor showing the situation prior to the British assault on the night of 2 October, 1804. In the foreground is the main British squadron with Admiral Lord Keith's flagship, the two-decker 'Monarch', 74 guns, in the center and frigates and sloops around it. Behind them is a line of smaller British sloops and brigs. Behind that, and to the left, a Dutch merchant ship is about to be intercepted. Some of the French invasion craft are in a line close to the shore, behind an invisible sandbank. The town and harbor of Boulogne are behind, also filled with invasion craft and with strong shoreline fortifications. Napoleon's 'Army of England' are shown encamped in the heights above the town.
Would love to learn more about this history, it sounds interesting, and the art shown is incredible.